Spook's Color-Test Skate Decks

Airkooled Kustoms


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Before we pull the trigger on a final paint job, we run tests with variations of hue and effect with the color that the client has asked for. Then they pick the one they like best, and off we go. What does Spook test the colors on? Yip! Skate Decks! And once the car is complete, the client goes home with their very own one-of-a-kind skate deck that matches the car.

As a result, as you can imagine, we end up with a LOT of skate decks stacked up in the shop. No one deck is like another. They're all one-off and unique, but all have the Airkooled Kustoms logo in one form or another.

So, get your one-of-a-kind Airkooled Kustoms skate deck right here. We promise that there will never be another one like it.

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